Friday, October 24, 2008

Chase Bank Letters‏

On Wednesday, October 22, 2008, United States Postal Inspection Service, FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Phoenix Police Department, Department of Public Safety, Mesa Police Department, Gilbert Police Department, and Hazard Materials Response Teams from Phoenix, Mesa, and Glendale responded to nine Chase Banks involving a series of threat letters containing a powder substance. In addition, the Maricopa County Department of Public Health assisted in this matter.

This multi-agency response was coordinated through the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center. The powder substance was collected and sent to the Arizona Bio-Terrorism Laboratory at the Arizona Department of Health Services. Lab results were negative for hazardous materials.

The Arizona investigation is a part of a nationwide effort to identify the person or persons responsible for these letters being sent to financial institutions throughout the United States. Sending even a hoax letter is a serious crime. If you have information about any of these incidents, please contact the FBI at 1-800-CALLFBI or the United States Postal Inspection Service at 1-877-876-2455. As this is an ongoing matter, we cannot discuss any further details.

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation (Phoenix Office)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Threatening Letter Hoax

Help Us Find the Culprit!

A series of threatening letters filled with an unknown powder were sent to financial institutions nationwide this week.

Click here to see images of the letters:

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation (Phoenix, Arizona Office)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pensacola Escapee Being Sought

Pensacola Escapee Being Sought by U.S. Marshals Task Force and Bureau of Prisons‏

The United States Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force is asking the public's assistance in locating escaped federal inmate, Joaquin Rios who escaped from the Federal Prison Camp (FPC) in Pensacola, Florida. Rios was discovered missing at approximately 1:30pm when he failed to report for the hourly head count during his lawn maintenance work detail at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. It is unknown whether or not Rios received any outside assistance at this time.

Source: U.S. Marshals

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Escape Suspect Arrested

A fugitive wanted by the Georgia Department of Corrections was arrested by the U.S. Marshals Jacksonville, Florida Fugitive Task Force. Ross Singleton, 33, was being sought on warrants issued in Savannah, GA charging him with Escape.

Singleton was being housed at the Coastal Transitional Center on Stiles Avenue in Savannah after serving a prison sentence for trafficking cocaine, possession of burglary tools, obstruction of an officer and impersonation from a 2003 conviction.

Source: U.S. Marshals

Monday, October 20, 2008


Exclusive Cyber Club for Crooks Exposed

Last week the FBI and its global partners wrapped up a two-year undercover cyber operation that resulted in 56 arrests worldwide, the prevention of $70 million in potential losses, and the confirmation that while there might be honor among thieves, in the end, they are still just thieves.

Here’s what happened:

...A discerning group of cyber criminals established a forum on the Internet called “Dark Market,” where they bought and sold stolen financial information such as credit card data, login credentials (user names and passwords), and even electronic equipment for carrying out financial crimes.

...At its peak, this vast criminal network had over 2,500 registered members, who all believed they were operating in a protected cyber environment because they went to great lengths to vet members and to weed out undesirable elements.

...What they didn’t know was that one of the site’s administrators and most respected members, who called himself Master Splyntr, was one of us—an undercover FBI agent who had infiltrated the site posing as a cyber crook.

“It was a group of people who trusted each other,” said the undercover agent after the arrests. He explained that there are two types of cyber criminals: those who steal, but not from one another, and “rippers,” who steal from anyone.

Keeping the rippers off the Dark Market site, the agent explained, gave the other members a false sense of confidence. “They did a good job of trying to be secure, and they felt secure. There was honor among thieves, so to speak.”

“What’s worked for us in taking down spy rings and entire mob families over the years—embedding an undercover agent deep within a criminal organization—worked beautifully in taking down Dark Market. And once again, our global partnerships paid off.” FBI Cyber Division Assistant Director Shawn Henry

Master Splyntr was on the site nearly every day, anywhere from one hour to 15 hours a day. Dark Market was like an exclusive club for cyber crooks, a meeting place for getting advice and brokering deals. During his time online, the undercover agent said, “we saw millions of dollars being exchanged.” At the same time, the operation prevented the millions of dollars in losses by tipping off potential cyber crime targets.

From the outset, our agent pointed out, “the goal was to infiltrate the organization.” The operation was extremely successful in developing intelligence on Dark Market’s leading members and the ways in which they conducted their far-flung crimes.

Throughout the operation, we worked closely with our international law enforcement partners, including the U.K.’s Serious Organised Crime Agency, the Turkish National Police, and the German Federal Criminal Police.

“What’s worked for us in taking down spy rings and entire mob families over the years—embedding an undercover agent deep within a criminal organization—worked beautifully in taking down Dark Market,” said our Cyber Division Assistant Director Shawn Henry. “And once again, our global partnerships paid off.”

As for our undercover agent who became a trusted member of the forum, he explained that he often had to think like a crook when signing on as Master Splyntr. “But at the same time,” he added, “you remember what your job is—to get the criminals.”

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation (Phoenix, AZ Office)

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15 Most Wanted Fugitive: Sarah Jo PENDER‏

Pender was serving a sentence of 110 years in the Rockville, Indiana Correctional Facility when she escaped on August 4, 2008. Pender, along with a co-defendant, had been convicted of the brutal shotgun-slayings of her male and female roommates, whose bodies were concealed in a dumpster. Pender also has both ears and her tongue pierced.

Pender, 29, was convicted in 2002 on two counts of murder.

REWARD: A reward of up to $25,000 is offered for information leading directly to PENDER‘s arrest.

Source: US Marshals

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