Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Tool To Fight Against Blight

iPhone Application

In June, the city of Phoenix launched a free iPhone app that allows residents to report blight violations to the Neighborhood Services Department (NSD) with a simple point, click and send. The iPhone’s built-in global positioning technology allows the user to attach an address to the picture.

iPhone users may download the myPhxAZ application for free from the iPhone App Store by searching for the keyword “myPhoenix” and selecting myPhxAz. Once installed, users will simply open the application and follow the prompts to take a picture of the violation and then tap “submit.”

The “myPhxAz” application was created at no charge to the city by Graffiti Protective Coatings, a graffiti cleanup company that serves Arizona city, county and state agencies.

NSD is receiving an average of 20 iPhone blight reports each week. In the future it hopes to roll out similar applications for residents who use Blackberries and other popular hand-held devices.

Phoenix has received calls and e-mails from other government agencies around the nation who are interested in developing their own iPhone app, ranging from Valley cities to counties and cities in Florida, Texas and California.

Phoenix residents without iPhones can continue to report blight by e-mail at
blight@phoenix.gov and by phone at 602-262-7844.

Source: City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department

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