Saturday, April 9, 2011

US Attorney's Office-AZ Mortgage Fraud

Dear community members,

Mortgage fraud scam artists know just what to say to give people false hope in saving their homes, especially consumers who are having trouble making their payments. When faced with the possibility of losing a home, anyone can fall prey. Don’t let yourself, or someone you know, be the next victim of a scam.

I am the United States Attorney for the District of Arizona; investigating and prosecuting mortgage fraud is a top priority for my office. My office is the chief federal law enforcement agency in Arizona and is responsible for prosecuting violations of federal law, including mortgage fraud and related fraud. As an example, we recently prosecuted an individual that received a 17-year prison sentence for leading a mortgage fraud scheme that exceeded $9 million dollars.

To raise awareness of these scams, my office is reaching out to the community and civic groups like yours to help us combat mortgage fraud. Our consumer awareness initiative gives groups the information needed to identify these scams and the resources to combat them. Enclosed you will find a brochure that highlights the information you need to get involved in stopping fraud in your neighborhood.

If you need assistance with a mortgage fraud matter. Please contact my Community Outreach Director at (602) 514-7629 or email him at
if you have any questions related to this effort.

For more information visit:


Dennis K. Burke
United States Attorney for the District of Arizona

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